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1. Cleaning the toilet will be more convenient
Public toilets are used by different people every day, especially in places like shopping malls, which tend to get dirty due to too many people. Therefore, regular cleaning is also necessary. The high design of public toilet partition door can make cleaning easier and faster.
2. In case of an accident, it is easier to help others
In a completely enclosed space, if a person faints or loses consciousness due to health problems, it will take a long time for anyone to notice; on the other hand, if the partition door does not reach the ground, it is easier to find and save time in the event of an accident. In this way, you can even help each other without damaging the door.
Jinan toilet partition
3. Avoid misconduct
Due to the lack of privacy in public toilets, users will not engage in inappropriate behaviors, such as drug use or inappropriate behavior between men and women. In these cases, door characteristics allow for a higher level of supervision and prevention.
4. More economical construction
Building a space with many partitions and doors and reaching the ground requires more accurate design and the use of various materials. This will increase the total cost, so in public toilets it is easier to select shorter doors, i.e. economic devices, and manufacture them.
5. Allow greater odor ventilation
When the toilet partition door is closed, the unpleasant smell is usually soaked and hard to dissipate. Because there is space at the top and bottom of public toilets, ventilation is more efficient. If the exhaust fan is installed, the effect will be better.
6. Let you know if it's available
Imagine that when the bathroom partition door completely touches the ground, you immediately know if there is anyone in it. Although some doors are marked with red and green areas, they are not conspicuous and are not easily broken. However, if the design is too high, it's easy to notice the shadow of the person inside, even the shoes, so you can quickly know if there is someone in it and skip the reselection.
7. Easy to leave when locked
If the partition door of Jinan toilet is stuck, it cannot be opened. And the doors are locked almost from top to bottom, and with no one nearby, that would be a very bad situation. It's even worse when a child is locked. However, if there is enough space at the top and bottom, adults and children can leave as soon as possible.
Jinan toilet partition
8. Indirectly urge others to use it as soon as possible
In a public toilet, the space below allows you to listen or check for other people waiting outside, just to see how many people want to use your toilet partition. But if it's a relatively closed space, it's hard to know if someone is waiting, and it's hard to measure time for others. So, to some extent, this design can force you to use public facilities as soon as possible.
9. If you run out of tissue, the person next to you can pass it to you without opening the door.
Sometimes, you go to the toilet in a hurry and don't notice that you don't have paper towels. At this point, if there is one person nearby, you can ask another person to deliver paper from the bottom, and you don't have to worry about the embarrassment of opening the door.
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